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Alistair Macpherson

Board Vice Chair

Alistair Macpherson attends The Grove Baptist Community Church, and is married to Leigh (who is a Pastor at The Grove). He currently serves as Secretary of The Grove. They have two young children, Chloe and Zachary. In their spare time, they enjoy gardening, watching movies and travelling.

Alistair is a lawyer, having worked in government as a prosecutor, before moving to private practice. He is currently the director of a legal practice that seeks to practise in accordance with Christian values and principles, and his area of focus is dispute resolution and litigation.

Alistair holds degrees in Arts and Law, and is undertaking post-graduate study (Master of Arts) at Malyon College, with an emphasis on how Christian faith can be lived out in an occupational environment. He previously served as a board member of Carinity, and is currently the President of Christian Lawyers Society.


Alistair is Vice Chair of the Board of Queensland Baptists and is Director of a law firm.