Support for churches & pastors

Administrative Services Group



Purpose The Administrative Services Group supports churches and pastors by providing advice on financial, administrative and legal matters. A weekly update about administrative matters, Network (password protected), is sent to pastors and administrators.

Baplink is Queensland Baptists’ internal ‘bank’.  BapLink provides the means to make money work for the Kingdom of God by offering a range of services including internet banking for individuals and churches (and associated organisations).

The Baptist Church Archives, Queensland is the main repository for records of the Baptist denomination in Queensland. The archives consist mainly of records of the Baptist Union of Queensland (minutes, year books, publications, newsletters, photographs) although there are records of a number of (mainly defunct) churches. Most local church records are, according to Baptist administrative policy, in the hands of the churches of themselves.


Pastoral Services



Pastoral Services is responsible for Pastoral Settlement and advisory matters, the Superintendency Team and Consultancy.  Unless the Assembly otherwise decides, the General Superintendent is the Director of Pastoral Services. Ministerial Services is a part of Pastoral Services and is responsible for operational decisions relating to candidating matters and the registration and ordination of ministers. The Regional Consultancy Team provides support to churches and pastors. This team of experienced ministers has a good general awareness of local church issues, expertise in certain areas and a well developed referral network to connect churches to expertise in particular areas relevant to their needs. The team’s role includes:

  • Assisting Queensland Baptists to achieve their vision
  • Working with local churches as they seek to be followers of Jesus
  • Facilitating ministry in their areas of specialisation
  • Contributing to leadership development of pastors and church leaders
  • Assisting pastors and churches during periods of transition.


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