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Annual Reports2016 QB Annual Report
2015 QB Annual Report
2014 QB Annual Report
Audit, churchAuditing church financial records
Audited Financials for QBQB Audited Financials 2013 - 2014
QB Audited Financials 2014 - 2015
QB Audited Financials 2015 - 2016
Australian Charity and Not-for-profit Commission - ACNCHow to fill in your 2015 ACNC Annual Information Statements
How to fill in your 2014 ACNC Annual Information Statements
How to fill in your 2013 ACNC Annual Information Statements
BapLink BapLink forms and resources
Brand - QB brand consistencyThe QB Board has approved a branding policy and procedures to establish QB brand consistency. Please contact QB Marketing & Communications for our Corporate Identity Styles Guide and logo files.
Cash HandlingIt is recommended that NO cash is held on church premises. Ensure that offerings are counted, recorded and verified by at least two church officers or nominated church members. Do not leave offerings unattended at any time. It is recommended that offerings be placed in a bank's night safe facility where possible. A nominated list of church members should be rostered for the transportation and collection of cash. Cash should be carried in an inconspicuous bag and the transport route and time varied. Purchase stationery and postage stamps on an 'as needed' basis. A sign 'No Cash or Drugs held on church premises' should be placed at the front entrance or other suitable location at the church.
Certificates Baptism Certificate Template
Baptism Cert - Download an editable WORD version
Baptism Cert - Download a non-editable PDF version
Dedication Certificate Template
Dedication Cert - Download an editable WORD version
Dedication Cert - Download a non-editable PDF version

Qld Govt provides important information re childsafe, blue card, risk management, training and more.
Clerical Staff, churchEmployment of office staff is subject to the Clerical Employees Award - State. A copy of the award along with a copy of any relevant awards e.g. Parental Leave Award, needs to be readily available to employees. Information about awards and public holidays is available from the Queensland Government - Awards and Wages
ConstitutionClick here to view Queensland Baptists Constitution as approved at the Assembly of 11th April 2014.
Guidelines for writing a Baptist Constitution for fellowships wishing to constitute as a church in the Baptist Union of Queensland, or re-examine their existing constitution are provided by Admin Services.
Pastoral Services provides a set of procedures for fellowships considering constituting as a church - request an Application for Recognition as a Fellowship/Church. MTQ provides a set of procedures for those small groups who wish to establish a Baptist Fellowship.
CopyrightCopyright licensing CCLI CCLA ARPA CAL AMCOS
Fire SafetyFire safety
Goods and services tax (GST)GST QB Training Course
Guidelines for belief and practiceQB Guidelines for belief and practice
Identification Statement - QBIdentification Statement for the Baptist Union of Queensland (QB)
InsuranceAll Queensland Baptist churches are covered under the Australian Baptist Insurance Scheme which is underwritten by various insurers through brokers and managed by the ABIS board. All claims and enquiries relating to church insurance for Queensland Baptist churches should be directed to Ken Conwell who is in the BapLink office on Tuesdays but can be contacted any time by email or mob 0408 152 394.
General Claim Form
Public Liability Claim Form
BIS Summary of Insurances 2016-2017
Travel Insurance Claim Form
Kingdom Offset Account Baplink - Financial Services GuideBaplink Financial Services Guide - Kingdom Offset Account
Leave : Annual, sick & Long Service Leave Annual leave -
Under recommended salaries and allowances, full time employees are entitled to 20 days annual leave as mutually agreed between employer/employee.

Sick leave -
It is suggested that churches set aside 10 days sick leave per year for ministers, accumulatively from the anniversary date of commencement (pro-rata for part time staff). Other church staff e.g. clerical, are covered by the clerical award and are entitled to sick leave. It is prudent for a church to be adequately prepared for the costs associated with replacement staff should an employee be off work for an extended period. Should a minister be seriously injured while at work or undertaking duties related to his/her employment, the church's Workers' Compensation policy will provide a proportion of wages for the time the minister needs to recuperate. This enables the church to employ an interim minister and continue to pay the minister's salary. However, if a minister is seriously injured outside of normal duties, Workers' Compensation does not cover the costs involved. A church may wish to continue to pay their pastor during this time, but would also require an additional sum to employ an interim appointment.

Long service leave request form
Loans from church membersWhere individuals or groups offer loans to churches/fellowships for the purpose of funding buildings, property or equipment, it is a legal requirement that these loans be directly deposited with BapLinK. Churches cannot accept interest free or interest bearing loans directly from individuals or groups.
Marriage celebrant, requirementsChurches must take care that marriage celebrants meet all requirements to ensure the legality of marriages performed. Should ministers wish to update on current requirements, contact QB for the latest guidelines. All new marriage celebrants receive a copy rom the Registrar General. Please advise if your marriage celebrant registration has varied so that QB records are current.
Marriage Plebiscite 2017While we are still waiting the response to the High Court’s ruling on the validity of the proposed postal vote on Marriage, the Officers of the Union have agreed material be made available for churches to use as appropriate in their context.
You can also access the Queensland Baptists Position Statement on Sexuality and Marriage click here to view
Ministers & pastorsHandouts are available to assist churches when calling a new minister. Contact Admin Services
Ministers T&C
Ministers, expenses/fringe benefits Ministers expenses, fringe benefits
Please see Pastor’s Removal Fund (below) for information about claiming reimbursement for expenses associated with the relocation of a newly appointed Pastor
Please see Remuneration Guidelines (below) for information about preparing a Remuneration Package that sets an acceptable basis for negotiation between Registered Ministers and Churches as part of the Pastoral Call process.
Guidelines for church leaders signing off on PMDPs
Registration & ordination guidelines
Code of Ethics
Ministry Grants 2017Queensland Baptists are very pleased to announce that this year we are again able to offer Ministry Grants to churches for ministry purposes, funded out of the surplus achieved by Baplink in the 2016/2017 financial year. Click Here for more information and to Apply
Motor vehiclesMotor Vehicles - Purchase MV Purchase
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Pastor's removal fundThe Pastor’s Removal Fund exists to assist with removal expenses incurred in relocating accredited ministers, student ministers, MTQ and QB staff. All churches, groups of churches, MTQ churches and fellowships in affiliation with The Baptist Union of Queensland are eligible. The Annual Contribution to the Fund is set by the Administrative Services Group. Current subscription is $250 per pastor; per annum. Churches may claim 75% of the removal costs to a maximum of $2500.00 every four years.
A request for reimbursement of relocation expenses should be directed to Queensland Baptists, Admin Services
Pastor's Removal Fund Request Form Pastors Removal Fund Request Form
PrivacyPrivacy Legislation Privacy legislation
PropertyPlease contact QB Admin Services for the latest advice and guidance when considering purchasing or selling property.
QB ArchivesGuide to QB archives
Register of church historical details Church register
How to record, research and present the story of your local church and its people Living treasures
Managing church records
Remuneration GuidelinesClick here to access the 2017-18 Remuneration Guidelines - Effective July 2017

Under the Constitution, when affiliating with the Baptist Union of Queensland, churches or fellowships agree that they shall invite to their pastorate only persons who are fully Accredited Ministers in good standing in the Union or in some kindred Union; persons who are approved by Ministerial Services. Any person seeking Status must present credentials satisfactory to Ministerial Services. When calling a new minister, the applicant's current accreditation status should be confirmed with the General Superintendent. Should a church decide to call a particular person to the pastorate, any such call should be made subject to satisfactory accreditation by the Baptist Union of Queensland if the applicant is not currently accredited by the Union.
For further information email the General Superintendent or phone 3354 5615.
Risk ManagementRefer to 'Risk Management Guide for Churches' produced by Baptist Insurance Services. All churches have a copy; extra copies are available at $25.00/copy plus postage. Please contact Ken Conwell
Software salesQB has a discount pricing arrangement with preferred supplier microworx for a wide range of software for churches. Discounts are available for Microsoft, Symantec, Adobe, Trend Micro, Zone Labs, Kerio, Nuance, Corel, Filemaker, CA, Interact, Quark, Sony, Pinnacle Systems, Camtesia, Scansoft, Epson and others.
When contacting Microworx, speak to Paul Zarb and mention that you are part of Queensland Baptists. Paul will process your inquiry under QB’s existing licensing arrangements, offering exactly the same discounts as previously provided. Contact Paul Zarb, Church and Charity Account Manager at microworx
Phone: (03) 9857 3800, Fax: (03) 8610 0344 or email.
Software FAQ

Speakers, reimbursementGuest speaker, reimbursement. See remuneration guidelines.
SuperannuationUnder Federal Government legislation, a Superannuation Guarantee Levy must be paid to an approved superannuation fund. This is for all employees who earn more than $450 per month, except those who are over 65 or under 18 years of age. Refer to Guidelines for Ministerial Remuneration Terms and Conditions (p5).
Christian Super is a complying fund. For further details phone 1300 360 907.
Superannuation contributions need to be made at least quarterly. Penalties apply for non-compliance. Phone the Australian Taxation Office on 13 10 20 or visit ATO online
Treasurer's HandbookHelpful information for Treasurers is available and can be found in the Church Treasurer's Handbook.
Workers' CompensationAll churches employing staff (including ministers) must hold a Workers’ Compensation Policy with the Workers’ Compensation Board of Queensland. For pastors, include both the taxable and fringe benefit components of the salary as this is the basis for calculating what payments are made in the event of a claim. The premium is calculated on the full declaration of all components of employee wages e.g. overtime, leave loading.
Workplace Health & SafetySee our overview of some legislative requirements to local churches here