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The qb, Aug/Sept 2017 issue is available to read here

From the editor (Linda Nevell) – 

There has been a lot of media coverage and debate about the value of religion in Australian society after the 2016 census results were released, which showed a rise in respondents saying they have ‘no religion’. We can feel the spiritual state of the nation changing as we move away from a Christian—based society to one where God is not the main consideration anymore, from school curriculums to the shaping of government policy. John Sweetman’s article (A Godless Australia?) addresses both the positives and negatives of the results, and the important role of the church in showing Christ’s love to a community that still desperately needs the peace and truth of the Gospel.

David Loder (From the General Superintendent) writes about the phases of life with God, and the identity and security that comes from being part of God’s eternal family. We also have the stories and photos from our recent Prayer Focus celebration as churches and communities came together to unleash the power of prayer across Queensland. What awesome change can come when Christ joins the people gathered in His name!

Emil Rahimov shares his life story and his experience of God working throughout history.  Emil draws parallels with Coca-Cola’s entry into the Soviet Union and the sometimes quiet foothold gained by churches and mission agencies to secure future opportunities.

Allan Quak continues his ‘One Approach’ series and looks at how to read Proverbs—particularly highlighting the importance of Christian wisdom and how Proverbs can be applied to the ‘randomness’ of our everyday lives.

The qb, June/July 2017 is available to read here

From the editor (Linda Nevell) – I am honoured to present my first issue as editor of the qb, and I hope you find the content interesting and uplifting. Robynne Milne has done an excellent job as editor over the past eight years. I wish her well on her new journey and thank her for making the transition into the role easy for me.

In this issue, we focus on the work of Baptist World Aid, and farewell Andy Coller who is leaving the role of Queensland State Representative to spend more time with his wife Julie. Many people have been touched by Andy’s work and humble character, and as he says in his article (A Reflection) “I am still a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s just the form that has changed.” That statement could be true for many of us, as the Lord calls us to different roles throughout our life, all to serve Him. Brent van Mourik has taken over the reins from Andy, and he is already bringing his own enthusiasm, compassion and talents to the role. Welcome Brent!

John Sweetman (Speaking Out) writes about the positive and negative impacts of technology, and the way it has changed our lives. Elissa Macpherson (QB Women) has some interesting insights from her recent visit to the United Nations, and Carinity (Finding Freedom through Christ) shares the amazing transformation in the life of Emily who was lost in a world of drugs and prison.  Christ can give anyone a fresh start! We have also added a new section called “God Moments”. If you have a story, poem, testimony or inspiring quote to contribute, please contact us. We have also added a few more puzzles to the “fun Zone” section to get your brain working!

I look forward to compiling the magazine, and welcome your comments and feedback.



The qb, Apr/May 2017 issue is available to read here

From the editor (Robynne Milne) – I’ve been thinking a lot lately about seasons of life. This issue of The qb will be my last as editor and I conclude at QB around the time you receive your magazine.  I’ve been on an interesting journey over the past almost eight years since I took on the role of QB Marketing & Communications Manager. During that time, Alex and I lost our home in the 2011 Brisbane floods, we have both had major surgery because of cancer, and my dear Mum passed away. God has been gracious, loving and kind throughout.

I have appreciated the opportunity to edit The qb, especially since I am just one in a long line of editors going right back to the first publication in 1890, and I’m excited about this next season, even though I know I’m not so good at closing chapters in my life. I wait on God for guidance!  From next issue, the magazine will be compiled and edited by Linda Nevell. I’m confident that Linda will be just as blessed as I have been by the people she meets during her time at QB.

I trust you will be richly blessed as you read this issue of The qb.

PS: I would also like to thank Michelle Beecroft of Shell Graphix who has worked with me since the beginning and consistently delivers great graphic designs for The qb.




The qb, Feb/March 2017 issue is available to read here

Welcome to this first issue for 2017—now well underway. It’s good to remember that 1 January is just a date on the calendar. As my pastor reminded our congregation recently, rather than focus on the changeover to a new year, it’s truly a blessing to always remember that God’s compassion and mercies are ‘new every morning’  (Lamentations 3:22-23).  Sound advice!

In his article, David Loder (Comment) challenges us to live life ‘to the full’ this year and share our faith with others at every opportunity. He encourages us to be God-ruled rather than self-ruled, and that living as a Christian means ‘both entering and living in the kingdom’.

Colin Stoodley (Knowing God) introduces our series based on the QB Board Focus for 2017. Self- confessed ‘wonderer’, Colin shares his insights on church planting and the importance of having ‘a real clear kingdom focus in our theology’ as we seek to plant new churches.

The theme of this year’s QB Prayer Focus 2017 (4–11 June) is Praying for change … each one reach one! You’ll find a date claimer in these pages.

Stewart Pieper comments that we want to be ‘prayerfully intentional in representing Jesus and the gospel to individuals in our circles of influence, so that they will become His followers’. Plan now to be involved.

We are looking forward to welcoming Stephen and Jenny Baxter as our guest speakers at QB Convention 2017.

Jenny contributes an article (Daylight eventually comes), sharing her thoughts about the death of her mother many years ago, and how this has shaped her own life.

I trust that you’ll find joy in all your circumstances throughout the remainder of 2017 as you follow Jesus. Please enjoy reading this issue of The qb.

The qb, December 2016 / January 2017 issue is available to read here

Welcome to The qb!

In this final issue for 2016, our General Superintendent, David Loder, (Comment) encourages us to take time with God, read Psalm 139 and ask Him, ‘What’s next’? This is timely as we come to the end of another busy year.

John Sweetman (Speaking out) sets out his thoughts about growing church congregations beyond 200 people and the shifts in thinking and practice required from everyone to achieve such growth. And QB Regional Consultant Warren Crank asks, ‘Who can grow a church?’ identifying five traits of ‘ordinary disciples of Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit with an apostolic-edge to their calling’.

Pieter Henning and Steve Henley (QB team visits the Solomon Islands) report on behalf of those recently returned from their mission trip, and Geoff & Lyn Cramb visit PNG (Believing God and serving holistically) where Geoff has concluded his ministry of 13 years.

Carinity welcomes Inside Out Chaplaincy (I need to see a chaplain) as it becomes one of their broad range of community services, and The Training Collaborative announces new training streams to equip people for pastoral ministry.

Stephen Baxter, who along with his wife, Jenny, are next year’s guest speakers at QB Convention, contributes some thoughts (Peace on earth) about Advent; ‘a celebration of Christ’s first coming and an anticipation of His second’.

May God bless you and your family richly during this Christmas season and as the new year unfolds.

The qb, October/November 2016 issue is available to read here

Welcome to this issue of The qb which includes a wide variety of content from our churches, QB ministries and ministry partners that will inform and uplift you.

I like the photo of those who attended the Women in Pastoral Ministry Retreat on Magnetic Island recently (Around the regions). It’s plain to see how relaxed and happy these women were to be together, and it’s clear that they were truly blessed by their fellowship. And while on the subject of blessing women, She is … behind the scenes acknowledges all the wonderful women who worked hard to bring this year’s round of events to the 600 women who attended. Thank you!

We’re pleased to include a date claimer for QB Convention 2017. Of particular interest to most readers will be Leadership Day on Friday 7 April.  It’s not just for leaders!  Anyone is welcome to attend, participate in electives and to hear our guest speakers, Stephen and Jenny Baxter.

Finally, while I’m not a big fan of red dirt when it’s tracked in on the carpet (yes, there is plenty of it where I live!), don’t miss Put simply … which is all about Simple Church and Red Dirt Church.  It reminds us that we must seek new ways to effectively communicate the gospel in our local communities, finding ways to ‘reinterpret church in a way that will make the Body of Christ a consistently valuable part of life in Australia’.

I trust you will enjoy reading this issue of The qb

Robynne Milne (Editor)


The qb, August/September 2016 issue is available to read here

tony-qbHow blessed are those of us who were given, as children and young people, a solid foundation for our faith in Jesus Christ? John Sweetman (Speaking Out) is prompted to think about his childhood church and all the valuable things he learned there during his formative years. He comments: ‘I love the contemporary church and wouldn’t want to return to those old, more legalistic days. So no, I’m probably not likely to start wearing a tie. But in my more mellow moments, I do wonder whether all our modern resources and programs and staffing have produced churches that disciple and evangelise as effectively as my little childhood church.’ That’s food for thought!

There have been several significant anniversaries celebrated in our churches recently (Milestones), and Margate Baptist Church is looking forward to their special celebrations planned for 17–18 September. We praise God for the faithful witness of our churches over so many years.

David Loder (Comment) continues his reflections on responses to the 2006 and 2011 NCLS, focussing on the need to ensure that newcomers to our churches feel welcome, and suggesting strategies to assist with this very important aspect of church life. Stewart Pieper (QB Prayer Focus 2016) provides a report on this annual event which continues to grow, Brian Robertson (Marriage) contributes his third article in the series, and Col Peaker, who has recently concluded as QB Regional Consultant, discusses what it means to be a ‘whole-of-life disciple’ (Discipleship: Time for action).

I trust that all of the articles and information in the following pages will be a rich blessing to you.  Robynne Milne (Editor)

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